Bottom taskbar missing on each system restart

I have disabled laptop screen and enabled LG TV screen. Every single time I restart computer the bottom taskbar is missing.

To get it back with I must run: plasmashell --replace &

What can I do that I don’t need to type above command every time I restart my laptop?

I’m guessing your plasmashell is crashing for some reason. But without your system journal, it’s difficult to say…

Can you elaborate exactly what I need to provide?

1 Like from journalctl -b -2 > /tmp/journal.2last

i am not an expert on Plasma… but I know that it is not easy to move that taskbar to another display. It could be that also the internal display is disabled the taskbar is still bound to that display.

So it could help to create a new taskbar in the external display.

I tried to edit plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc according to this video by changing field:
lastScreen=1 to lastScreen=0 didnt really fix the issue.

(you can see full content - plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc file)

I can confirm this only happens to external display. If I unplug my TV then on laptop screen taskbar is always there.

yes do not ask me about the config files on plasma they are really cluttered all over the place, special for someone used to i3 where almost all settings are in one file :wink:

You should try to create a new bar on the external display… Or is it set to expand ? i mean there are two ways to add external display… they can mirror the default or expand and stay on its own config.