Bottom panel gone

Hi there, not sure what the correct term would be. The bottom panel of my desktop environment is gone. Not sure how to recover it. Recently had to move my stuff due to IRL stuff.

I had 3 monitors. But down to one and I can’t seem to get the panel back.

I see that you selected Cinnamon for the category, so assuming you are using Cinnamon:

Settings -> Panel -> Customise the settings there as needed

If you are not talking about the built-in panel, then please specify that.

Seems that I wasn’t clear enough.

My panel (for start like the windblows icon start menu) isn’t here at all. All I see are my folders on my desktop.

I didn’t know I could slap an image so here is one.

What does it show under your settings where @ddnn mentioned?

I em not able to open the settings. Or not exactly sure how to get to it without that panel.

Do you have a shortcut for your terminal? Maybe Super + Enter?

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Since I don’t use cinnamon much I’m not too sure myself what the program for the settings is called. I would suggest trying to find this out then opening it from a terminal (there should be a keyboard shortcut for this or it may be in the menu when you right click)

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Ctrl + alt + t for the win

Okay. Now type cinnamon-settings

I’m in

So now do the above.

Seems that my panel was yeeted. So I have to create a new one

Whelp. I was able to get a panel here. But now I need to default it. As my original panel is gone.

Cinnamon, from what I’ve noticed over the last 2 years, is not great at importing your old settings. Even when I copy the whole config folder, there is always something that I need to reconfigure.

One thing that usually works for me though is:

dconf dump /org/cinnamon/desktop/keybindings/ > dconf-settings.conf
dconf load /org/cinnamon/desktop/keybindings/ < dconf-settings.conf
***Export and Load Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for Cinnamon***

But the rest of my settings work if they feel like it.

What about nuking it. Starting it over.

Cause I looked for that file. And it was blank

Those commands only work if you did them (the first one really) prior to migrating, having issues, etc. It is useless otherwise.

In the future, though, you could run the first half of the command every week or so to make sure you have a copy of your shortcuts.

After a migration/reinstall, however, you’d need to copy the file to your home directory or point it to wherever you have stored it.

Right. But how do I start it from fresh. As I’m still missing the original one I have had before. This is literally the reason why I have created this forum.

If you didn’t back up the settings, then yes, you’ll have to start from fresh, which is what you should have when you click “Add new panel” in the panel settings window.

OR do you mean all of Cinnamon?

So there is no file I can delete to force it to create a new panel with default settings.

That’s what I am saying. Default is not what you made it. Default means what Cinnamon ships with prior to your customisations.

In other words, when you click “Add new panel”, that is Cinnamon’s actual default panel.

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