ive used linux for a little while now but still consider myself a novice.

a few months ago i installed endeavour on a separate ssd, and i noticed during installation i wasnt asked where to install the bootloader but i took the plunge and installed anyway. the result was that my main linux os on another ssd was unbootable. i think endeavour must have overwritten the bootloader, and i wasnt able to fix it.

so now i decided to give the new iso a chance, and again i wasnt asked about the bootloader, so i cancelled at the final step. as i didnt want to have to reinstall my main distro yet again, in case i decided endeavour wasnt for me.

so id like some clarification on this issue, id really want to try it again, but i dont want to risk breaking my other os

The option for the bootloader is underneath the partition menu (under the partiton bar)

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Hello @incompl
As @Bryanpwo has said the Bootloader option is directly underneath the partition Window bar. You can see where it is going to put the bootloader and you can open the Window and select another option before you click next to continue.


I edited your picture just to add the arrow for further detail.

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no, its not…

The bootloader option is for legacy/BIOS installs. For UEFI installations you select an EFI partition which is basically in the same place on the screen.

If you want to dual-boot through grub, make sure that both your installs are legacy/BIOS or both are UEFI. It is hard to dual-boot a mix of legacy and UEFI.


What are you saying?

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As @dalto said, you seem to have a mix of UEFI and BIOS modes.
So could you show the output of the following terminal commands:

  lsblk -fm
  sudo fdisk -l