Bootloader not

Hi there,

I want to install the latest release at my system and unfortunately I get the following error message every time:


Der Bootloader konnte nicht installiert werden. Der Installationsbefehl

grub-install --target=i386-pc --recheck --force /dev/nvme0n1
erzeugte Fehlercode 1

Unfortunately, I have not yet learned how to use grub, so can you please help?


It looks like you are booting the ISO in legacy mode. Booting it in UEFI mode should resolve that issue.

Either disable legacy in the BIOS or use the use the boot menu to pick the UEFI option.

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That is boot instructions for legacy as @dalto has explained. I doubt the nvme will handle also make sure you have a gpt partition table. nvme is SSD which should be on a gpt partition.

He does have a gpt partition table. You can see that from logs. That is why it is failing.

hji Florian,
welchen Installationsbefehl hast du eingetippt ?

es sollte sudo grub-install heissen,

das geht aus DEINEM post nicht hervor…

He didn’t type anything. This is coming from the installer itself. The installer doesn’t need sudo as it is running as root.

ahh - ok

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Classic. Thank you. Now I see the UEFI hint in every documentation, of course, about how to install the system - but I had never paid attention to it until now. I simply selected the first entry to the installation stick… Thank you!

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