Booting to "EndeavourOS dracut-059 (initramfs)"

the system gets struck in a screen similar to this:

Welcome to EndeavourOS dracut-059 (Initramfs)!
[ OK ] Finished Create Volatile Files and Directories

the last thing i did in a working system was turning putting iommu arguments in my grub config file (i use grub instead of systemd-boot) and installing KVM-related packages. i can boot through fallback just fine. the first thing i did was run dracut-rebuild but it seems like that didnt work. any idea what i can try next to boot my system?

Is it the same behavior with both linux-lts and linux kernels?

i dont have linux-lts but i have the regular linux kernel along with the linux-cachyos-eevdf kernel which i use as my main. yes, it happens with both of those but the fallback option works so i can still boot to my system.

i cant seem to diagnose the issue since running “journalctl -b -1” gives me an insanely massive log and when i CTRL+F to “Create Volatile Files and Directories”, i see that the logs go on as normal. yet when i try to boot, it freezes right on that exact spot.

Are you using 3rd party repos? If so, how do you have them configured?

i only have the cachyos repos installed, no other 3rd party repos. and they’re at the bottom of the pacman repo list. i’ve used it like this ever since i installed endeavouros a month ago.

i have figured out the issue. it is related to the 10-vfio.conf, in the /etc/dracut.conf.d directory. this is this the contents of that file:

force_drivers+=" vfio-pci vfio vfio_iommu_type1 "

it is after i renamed this file to 10-vfio.conf.bak that the system booted up normally. i still dont understand what this file does or if it’s crucial to single gpu passthrough. any idea?

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