Booting problem in dualboot

I am new to Arch. I am using Endeavour and Windows 11 in dualboot. My DE is GNOME, but I decided to switch to KDE, so I installed plasma and so on. I successfully switched and changed some settings regarding virtual desktops and then shortcuts. After that my mouse buttons froze or something so I restarted my pc.

It only boot BIOS for some reason and even after i exit it or exit with saving changes (even if I do or dont do anything) it turns off my pc then it start without me doing something.

When I hold power button longer to turn it off and then turn on again, still boot only BIOS. I couldnt even boot Windows until I didnt enable secure boot, but that ofc does not allow me boot Linux.

Any idea what can I do about this or what causes the problem?

:eye: The latest grub package update needs some manual intervention

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If following that information does not work for you, post information about your setup - disk info, and inxi -Faz results for instance. Probably as indicated by the above message, though…

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This would still be the wrong forum-thread for that…

The correct one:


I see. Is there any way how to reinstall grub if I cant get to the Endeavour? Or I have to reinstall the OS and then install grup?

Yes. You need to use your EnOS’ Live USB and follow the instructions given in the link in my previous post.

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I’ll try thank you :slight_smile:

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