Booting iso without USB flash?

Is it possible to boot to EOS directly from hard drive, without creating bootable usb drive?

It is. But you could only create a VM machine. You won’t be able to install it to metal on the same drive though. You cannot install on a drive currently in use.

Thanks for answer. While vm is not a solution, i appreciate your help.
I have a second ssd that is not in use. I thought that there is something similar to creating a usb drive?

You could boot an ISO from the Grub boot menu. See this post from @manuel for how to add en entry for the ISO:

Once booted up you could install to another partition (than the one containing the iso) on the same drive or to any other drive you wish.

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Thanks it worked.
Just in case tried to recreate this process in Windows.
So it was easy as copying content of ISO to partition and renaming it to EOS_202111.


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