"Booting from 'endeavouros' failed: verify it contains a 64-bit UEFI OS."

Did some more experimenting and found that on warm boot, it’s almost as if the drive isn’t recognised. On cold boot, I have these options; the eMMC Device is missing on warm boot.


it has also a efi ?

Not sure I understand the question? “also”? It’s only EOS on this machine. nothing else can fit. :laughing:

How to find Linux is under BIOS or UEFI mode?

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I think what @ringo is asking is if it is actually UEFI or not? @anon11595408 has provided the info to check that and confirm.

I think what i meant efi file in /boot/efi somewhere but dont know first i thought needed a 32bit efi file but seems not the case but something to firmware mayby idk

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Sorry for only now getting back to you all.

I suspect it’s a firmware issue. So I’m parking EndeavourOS until I get my hands on a better machine.

Kinda bummed, to be honest, I was really looking forward to the experience.

Ah well … I am sticking around the forums for vicarious experiences.

No problem…hang around you are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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