Bootctl list, lists alot of depracated kernels

dear eos comrades,

I was wondering how to cleanup the bootctl list entries.
When I run bootctl list it shows plenty of kernels which I am not running anymore…

bootctl cleanup 

does not help.

Thanks and in solidarity,

Can you share the output of ls /efi/loader/entries

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hey dalto :paw_prints: thanks for your reply.
this is what i get:

083512bfd275425ba29698984c82b064-6.1.27-1-lts.conf           083512bfd275425ba29698984c82b064-6.3.1-arch1-1-fallback.conf  kernel-install
083512bfd275425ba29698984c82b064-6.1.27-1-lts-fallback.conf  083512bfd275425ba29698984c82b064-6.3.8-arch1-1.conf           reinstall-kernels
083512bfd275425ba29698984c82b064-6.3.1-arch1-1.conf          083512bfd275425ba29698984c82b064-6.3.8-arch1-1-fallback.conf  update

should I just delete the entries I do not want from this directory?

Okay i just removed the non wanted entries in the /efi/loader/entries directory with root permissions.

Now bootctl list shows only the wanted kernel entries.

You have some strange files in that directory. Why are there copies of kernel-install and reinstall-kernels in there?

Also, you should make sure the old kernels themselves were also deleted so your EFI partition doesn’t fill up.

They are also in /efi in a subdirectory with your machine ID

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those files “kernel install, reinstall-kernels and update” should not be in this directory? they take almost 500 Mb of space in there.

Can I just delete them? I use reinstall-kernels command pretty often so I do not want to break something…

Normally the /efi/loader/entries directory would only have .conf files in it.

The directory with your machine ID should only have directories for each kernel. They would look like this:


You should keep the subdirectories with kernels that match the conf files you retained.

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I wonder:

it seems polardelphine doesn’t seem to have installed
kernel-install-for-dracut or kernel-install-mkinitcpio is it possible?

which normally cleans/updates entries as kernels are uninstalled/installed.

thanks for not assuming pronouns… :roll_eyes:

kernel-install-for-dracut is installed, but when I fixed my nvidia sleep/suspend vram issue I must have f***ed up something seriously in this regard. Since then after each kernel update I have to manually reinstall kernels and set the default and freshly installed kernel. these are the commands I am running after each kernel update (which is kind of annoying):

sudo reinstall-kernels

bootctl list

sudo bootctl set-default ______.conf

I’m sorry, I don’t understand , what you think about ? it must be a misunderstand, I’m not an english native speaker. I’m trying to help you, I was just asking @dalto, who uses this bootloader and helped me on this subject, to see his opinion and a confirmation of this hypothesis.

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ah, ok I understand , I didn’t even notice your nickname :slight_smile:

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