Bootable USB non recognised by Windows11

I try to install Endeavour as dual boot with Windows 11 but my USB is not recognized ; this usb has been created on a Linux System and already tested on an another machine : it 's ok.
For bios ( PC dell 3910 Intel 5 12th gen ,RM 8G ,new machine delivered with Wind 11) I have set USB as first and remove secure boot ( test ?) , but nothing , key is still not recognized !
On windows 11 system std USB key are well recognized , but only the bootable with the iso don’t appear in the explorer …; How to clear that , please ?
Note : I deinstalled antivirus system .

How did you create the live USB?

Edit:The question is not that Windows can see the usb but whether it boots on the live USB in order to install.


I make the bootable usb with Mx Linux tool…

what i do not fully understand is… why you want to see the usb installer medium inside windows filebrowser? I do think it is totally normal that it do not appears there ?
It is to boot the OS on the usb directly from thy system startup not… like ubuntu you can not run it inside windows…

Windows will not see a usb device with linux file system in the file browser(explorer). Does it boot on the live usb that was created? If it does not what error messages are shown on the screen.

I redone my USB on the windows 11 with rufus and it works ; Endeavour 22-1 is installed and seems ok and windows 11 also is ok ( easy install in 10 mn without pb using existing EFI partition ) ; only I have no sound at the moment , I will recontact the forum if necessary but if have a suggestion just now …( note : sound ok on external speaker with win 11 )
Computer : Dell 3910 -Intell i5 12th gen -8Gram -SSD 500 G

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Please open a new thread for your sound issue.

And also have a look at the the article linked to here below on how to provide system information and logs to forum:

Good luck!


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