Boot Xorg/Intel Graphics problem

After updating system with yay -Syu and rebooting system I encountered a huge problem, I was constantly stuck at “[ok] Started Account Service”. I tried several things such as installing Nvidia drivers with dkms, without dkms, ensuring that everything is okay with my kernel, my friend tried then helping me with trying to figure out what is wrong, we tried forcing nvidia driver nvidia-config (Xorg log told us that it failed (couldn’t open module glxserver_nvidia), tried reinstalling drivers with nvidia-inst -f, intel gpu does NOT appear in lspci for some reason, xorg only starts if nvidia_drm.modeset=1 is manually removed from kernel cmdline, so I managed to boot system with totally ignoring intel GPU that is simply not detected.
I am using laptop (Aorus 7 9KF). I can provide necessary logs to when we tried doing specific things since I made photos of them.