/boot/vmlinuz-linux not found

Continued from here (upgrade). On startup, I get this:

GNU GRUB 2:2.06.r380.g151467888-1

Loading linux linux
error file /boot/vmlinuz-linux not found
loading initial ramdisk…
error: you need to load the kernel first.

Minimal bash editing is supported. Is there anything I could do with that?

I’ve got a not too old timeshift bkup, if it comes to that.

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You might need to arch-chroot into your installed system and update your system and perhaps also reinstall your kernels.

Please consult the wiki for how-to: https://discovery.endeavouros.com/

This is continued from here. Basically, I can’t boot, so I’m following the suggestion to try arch-chroot. But apparently I’m not doing it right. Any suggestion?

$ sudo lsblk -f
     squash 4.0                                                    0   100% /run/archiso/airootfs
     crypto 1           eb5e7c19-f213-4e7e-8e9c-ca078478ffa2                
     ext4   1.0         9f33797e-8d9a-49c8-8c31-65b8bcc228fa  234.4G    44% /run/media/liveuser/9f33797e-8d9a-49c8-8c31-65b8bcc228fa
$ sudo arch-chroot run/media/liveuser/9f33797e-8d9a-49c8-8c31-65b8bcc228fa
==> ERROR: Can't create chroot on non-directory run/media/liveuser/9f33797e-8d9a-49c8-8c31-65b8bcc228f

First, please don’t keep creating new topics that are “continued”. Just use the existing topic. I merged these back together.

It should be:

sudo arch-chroot /run/media/liveuser/9f33797e-8d9a-49c8-8c31-65b8bcc228fa

You omitted the leading slash.


Having chrooted into my installed system, is there any diagnostic I could run to decide what to do next?

$ sudo arch-chroot /run/media/liveuser/9f33797e-8d9a-49c8-8c31-65b8bcc228fa
# ls
bin   crypto_keyfile.bin  etc	lib    lost+found  opt	 root  sbin  sys	tmp  var
boot  dev		  home	lib64  mnt	   proc  run   srv   timeshift	usr
# ls home

You probably need to use:

pacman -Syu linux

That will reinstall the kernel and trigger all the hooks which create the kernel image and the boot images.

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