Boot up difficulty

Heya! I’ve been using endeavourOS for a while and while updating using yay. Now out of the blue it has stopped booting and is stuck at this point.

During installation with the calamares installer I chose to encrypt my partition along with creating a 5gb swap partition because I thought that a swap partition would be useful for a laptop (still not sure if a swap partition is needed for a laptop or swapfile). I think the swap partition must have been deleted that could be causing the issue. Please let me know how do I proceed on fixing this thank you!!!

Also I forgot to add. While trying to boot it would ask for two passwords to boot into the system. I suppose one password for the main partition and the second password for the second partition but now it does not ask for a second password at all. I was trying to solve that annoyance but i suppose i must have borked something in the way

Swap partition is not going to get deleted by updating. The only way is if the user deletes it. :thinking:

haha yes i suppose i deleted it with gparted. I assumed by disabling it then deleting it. It would fix the requirement of two password prompts. Is a swap partition required for a laptop or just a swap file. I would love to know your opinion.

I guess a swap file or partition is needed for hibernation but other than that it may or may not be totally necessary but i would probably have one or the other. I’m using swap file but i don’t use hibernation and i don’t install using hibernate.

Edit: Are you using grub to boot?

alright i shall use a swap file next time when i set it up. How do I check if I am using grub to boot or something else to boot. the other alternative is system-md?

Edit: I am only solo booting linux in my laptop as I have windows on my other machine

Systemd-boot is the default now so you would have to select grub if that is what you wanted on the installer. With luks systemd-boot is much quicker to decrypt on boot.

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So I am using systemmd-boot or Grub? I am sorry I am just confused. Will i be able to access my partition again without formatting everything
Please let me know the process. I did figure out how to reach the rescue mode by not entering my password 3 times during the prompt. Does the screen grab from above show that I am using systemd-boot or grub.

What does this show?

sudo bootctl status

I enter that when I reach maintence /rescue mode when i dont enter the password three times right?

I am currently at :/root# and when i enter the above command it says sudo not found


Don’t use sudo when you are root!

these are the possible commands i get while doing the command help

You didn’t give the output i asked for.

when I do bootctl status it says bootctl is not a valid command.

Then you must have installed with grub then?

i suppose so! i am sorry for the mixup!

Did you try running an update? If you at root still.

pacman -Syu

pacman is an invalid command.

Reboot and try again to enter the proper passphrase at luks. You may have to enter it twice. Watch the screen and pay attention to what it shows.