Boot stuck at Graphical Interface

As the title says, my boot is stuck at ‘Reached target Graphical Interface.’ This happened after I did a pacman -Syu and I believe the kernel was updated. I did try to start sway normally but it errors out saying it is ‘Unable to create backendn any DRM deviceackend’

Heres the journalctl fail log:

Any help would greatly be appreciated!

Looks like a network issue using vpn?

Turned off the vpn,
Now it stops at authorization manager - heres the new journalctl:

I’m not sure? You set it up so i guess go through the vpn setup?

Edit: Did you have to allow it through the firewall?

So i turned off the vpn and other issues, heres the new journalctl(ignore the tty2 login failure):

This really makes me think its a kernel issue

Link doesn’t work.

Edit: Are you sure the update completed properly? and did you reboot?

Yes and yes, thats when the issue happened, at boot.

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You could always downgrade the kernel and headers to see.

sudo downgrade linux linux-headers

Select the previous kernel and headers that match.

Downgrading kernel did not work, Im going to see if i can manually downgrade everything that was installed on the system update