Boot problem after updating

Hello, there is a problem, updated the whole system sudo pacman -Syu, then rebooted and stopped working normal scrolling touchpad, climbed into the directory /etc/X11 and in some file actually “turned on” invert touchpad again rebooted and the computer does not want to turn on this point:
/dev/sda2: clean, 324531/6045690 files, etc

How do I roll back all the changes that led to such a problem? Thanks

You running a rolling-release distro so there’s no turning back after a upgrade unless you have made a backup. Are you able to switch to tty2? alt + f2 +ctrl

I have already done this and deleted all the changes in the /etc/X11 folder that led to the problem, everything is already fine, thank you for your answer

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Knowing how to chroot from a live session is essential in some cases to do some reparation and maintenance. Please refer to the following link for a how-to:

Also in the event that rolling back on some updates is necessary:



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