Boot hangs on fresh install

I’m loading Endeavour onto my Synology through their Virtual Machine Manager. I’ve got the firmware set as UEFI, 4GB ram, 100GB disk. Load up off the newest live cd install and do an online install choosing KDE. I then ran an install a couple of times both times choosing swap (no hibernate), ext4, and one time trying grub, the other time systemd-boot. Both successfully install, and then both hang on the initial boot after restart. Attaching images of where each one hangs, I’m pretty new to linux so I’m not sure where to begin troubleshooting. I’ve mainly used Debian in the past and never really ran into any install/boot issues. Wanted to trying Arch out and see how I like it, any suggestions?


Try installing this package to replace sddm Not sure it will work but worth trying.

yay -S sddm-git

So I switched video from vmvga to vga and it booted fine, I really didn’t think that was the issue, but it figured it was worth 30 seconds to check and apparently that was it.

Yes if it’s a form of virtualbox i can see that. I’m not familiar with what they use.