Boot failure, not grub

Very odd issue here. Booted up to this.

Same issue with both zen and lts kernels

The real failure is probably outside the picture.

That usually means there is some issue with accessing the kernel modules or there is mismatch between the kernel version and modules version.

I’m thinking some of the post grub customizer cleanup might have hurt it somehow. But booting to an earlier snapshot did the trick, and I will now never go without shapshots ever again. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, I think it’s time to check our rEFInd.

Grub-customizer is evil and should not be used.

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That deserves to be marked as the true solution.

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Weren’t you doing something where you were copying your kernels to your EFI partition? Is there any chance they got out of sync?

Never got around to actually doing it.

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