Boot failing from nvme drive, but managed to read files

Hey guys, I would appreciate your help.

Booted the system, wanted to open the gnome menu but the system froze, turned it off from the power button. Couldn’t boot after that. Saw some I/O errors at the boot screen. Restarted the system in single user mode, managed to backup my home folder. So maybe the hardware is not dead just some filesystem issue?

I use xfs, should I attempt to run xfs_repair on my root partition from a live media?
smartctl output, looks ok.

The drive would need to be unmounted and use the correct command as long as you have everything backed up.

I gave up after a while, tried a few things with xfs_repair, saw some suggestions using ddrescue… didn’t want to do that. Reinstalling now.

Seems to me that the tooling around xfs is not the best. Don’t remember why did I choose xfs, gonna stick with ext4 from now on.

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