Boot-Error-Spam - LUKS2 Partition with Firmware


I’m pretty new to endeavour os.

I have an encrypted disk with LUKS2 and I have a XBox-Dongle firmware which is on the encrpyted disk in /lib: xone-dongle-firmware

At bootup the LUKS-Step is after the USB-Stuff and creates some errors for the firmware, because it can not find the drivers. Does someone have an idea to avoid that message spam?

[    4.354031] xone-dongle 1-3:1.0: Direct firmware load for xow_dongle.bin failed with error -2
[    4.354037] xone-dongle 1-3:1.0: xone_mt76_load_firmware: firmware not found
[    4.354680] xone-dongle 1-3:1.0: xone_dongle_init: load firmware failed: -2
[    4.361383] xone-dongle 1-3:1.0: probe with driver xone-dongle failed with error -2
[    4.361676] usbcore: registered new interface driver xone-dongle

I could solve my issues as follows
Create a file in /etc/dracut.conf.d/xone.conf with following content:





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