/boot/efi partition confusion


After having Endeavour installed alongside Win11 and fiddling too much around with partitions, I had to completely re-install the system. This time without Windows, Just Endeavour.

This is the partition scheme I am using:


Everything is working flawlessly so far. One thing I am really confused about is the /boot/efi partition. According to Gparted only 2,59 Mib are being used whereas the files which are stored under /boot are, including Kernel, more than 300 Mib big. Is the partition maybe only storing the efi subfolder and the kernel and stuff under /boot is actually being stored on another partition? In that case, I could shrink /boot/efi to let’s say 300 Mib, right?

Would be great to get a better understanding of the setup with your help :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

If you are using grub in our default config, the EFI partition only holds the files the firmware loads to load grub itself. These are very small.

After grub loads, it loads the kernel and boot images from /boot and uses those to boot the system.

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Ah, okay, understand! But that means that Kernel is actually being stored on nvme0n1p2, right?

Yes, that is correct. It is part of the filesystem mounted at /.

Great, thank you for your help! Appreciated! I would then try to shink efi partition…or not…do not wanna again restart from scratch… :smiley:

If that 1GiB is important to your 2TiB disk you could certainly shrink it if you wanted to.

However, if you ever plan to dual-boot distros down the road, many distros do keep the kernel and boot images there so keep that in mind.

That is a good recommendation. I will leave it as is and surely fiddle around with other distros…in the future. For now I am really happy that everything works almost out of the box and that I finally ditched Windows. Although I will really miss Nvidia Frame Generation on Alan Wake II ;).

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