Boot already existing Windows install also as KVM vm

Hi all,
I’ve finally time (I hope) to do this little project I’d in mind for some times.
Basically my system have two disks, one nvme PCIE with Windows and one ssd SATA with eOS installed.
I would like to maintain said windows installation as dual boot but also been able to boot it from a KVM/qemu VM in eOS with a nvme passthrough to optimize the performance. I’ve read a lot about it but seems that everyone as is own idea and I didn’t find a clear solution (for example somewhere I read to create a qcow2 image of the disk but if I do it I’m using that image and not the disk passthrough am I right?) to this so I was wondering if some of the VM guru here can help me set it up.

Also using the passthrough if I make modification of the windows install from the VM I’ll try those if I boot it from bare metal right?

Thank you in advance.

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If you already have a Windows pass through which is working it’s great to continue using. But if you want to convert then the below guides might help.

Yes, VM will use the image file as your hard disk, not your passthrough. Unless you have both pointing to the same VM. If that is the case you have to select one as the boot. If not the what ever source you have mapped as the hard disk will be used.

No I’ve not a working passthrough. I’ve nothing right now and I would like to setup the VM with the passthrough from the already installed Windows.
Can you give me some advice on how to do it?

Ok, I’m almost there, passthrough works, but now windows complain about activation and so if I boot from VM and then from physical drive is a mess (for license I mean)
I’m almost done with it, if someone is interested I’ll made a tutorial about this when everything works correctly.

Awesome … sorry for not replying was busy with some other stuff.

This would be a great addition if you have time.

I don’t have much of it but I’ll have to write it down anyway for me for future reference so why not doing it directly here and help other if needed.
So it’s settled, when all is fixed I’ll write down the tutorial!

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