Booster initramfs

I have installed booster package from archlinux extra repo.
Now EndeavourOS shows 3 options to boot from.
Normal,Fallback initramfs and booster initramfs.
unfortunately if i select booster initramfs option my OS doesn’t boot.Halts. Help Please

I am not sure many people here are using booster to be able to give you good advice.

However, in order to try, we would need to see the full output from booster when it fails.

It happens at initial boot screen.System halts.Does not display any error.Is there any log i can share?

I am not familiar with booster but looking at the ArchWiki, there seems to be the following kernel parameter for debugging:


Perhaps that would give some more clues as to what might be wrong?

If booster has issues and does not work as expected then please enable debug output that provides extra information about what is going on:

  • for generator there is a -debug command line flag: booster -debug.
  • for init there is a booster.debug kernel parameter.


Does it display anything at all? Or does the screen just go black after you select a boot entry in grub?

If it displays anything at all, please share it.

Also, make sure you are passing the quiet kernel parameter which may be suppressing the output.

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command line debug result. Please advise

Usually normal boot process starts with “Loading endeavour OS on linux”.
with Booster
It skips EndeavourOS and displays loading kernel linux
loading initial ramdisk

usr/lib/sysctl.d/50-default.conf has these values stored.
I have executed sudo sysctl --system prior to this . It has very long list

Are you sure you aren’t suppressing output?

What does your command line look like in /etc/default/grub?

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Here is the full config of etc/default/grub

When you booting, press e to edit and add booster.debug to the command line for the kernel.

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can you post the text in code blocks?
Screenshots of text are not very readable in the forum.

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I have added booster.debug to kernel.
Pressed F10
kernel not found in eeeesetparams is the error
Boot screen shot

Where is that error? I don’t see it in the picture.

It appears in next page when boot loader starts booting. “Kernel not found” is the error.
Because kernel booster.debug was an added line by me.
Anyways, **i am thinking of re installing OS.Then i will try to get help.There could be some issue with OS installation.**Thanks

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