Bonjour from France

Bonjour enverybody,

I’m new to Endeavours but not in Arch and Linux in general, I start with Mandrake in the 2000’s,I tried I think the most distro out there lol, and now Endeavours !
I like the “spirit” of this distro, the community like to be cool, so here I am !

See you soon on the forum !


Salud @codeBash !

:enos_flag: :handshake:t5:

Same here, on Linux since 2000 and EndeavourOS and this community both are the best of the best.
Both stopped me from distrohopping for about a year till I finally got home and settled here with both!

Salud @codeBash bienvenue sur le :enos:-Forum!

The coolest on earth :enos: :grin:

Bienvenue dans le monde violet !


Welcome CodeBash! Slackware, Mandrake, OS2 Warp … those were the days.

Welcome to EndeavourOS.

Those were the days, may I add… WindowsXP, for what I like to do today. :smiley:

However I was not able to do what I could do today, back then. So maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it…

Bonjour @codeBash
Ya we are the cool purple side! :rofl:

Bienvenue @codeBash :fr: :enos_flag:

bienvenue chez nous :wink:

Salut! Bon séjour! :wink:

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Great choice! I started using Linux in the mid 90’s, version 1.09 kernel ! I use Debian along with EOS.