Bold font not rendering in Inkscape

I am using Inkscape on endevouros. For some reason, setting the font style to bold is not working in any font as you can see in this image. I tried another distro and the bold rendering worked as expected. Any idea why bold is not rendering on endevouros?

In your screenshot, no text has been selected, so I cannot tell whether you have applied “bold” to anything except for the insertion point (the flashing cursor). Having applied “bold” to the insertion point, any text you type from the insertion point should be bold; but other text in the textbox would retain its prior formatting.

When you press Ctrl+A to select all of the text in the textbox, does the toolbar show that the formatting for the selected text (now the entire textbox) is “bold”?

It’s possible that you haven’t fully installed the Arial font, omitting perhaps the bold variant. This command should install all Windows 11 fonts, including the bold variant of the Arial font:

yay -S ttf-ms-win11-auto

Thanks for your reply. As I said in the original post, I tried this will other fonts and the result was the same. Also, bold has been applied to the entire phrase seen in the image.