Blur my shell

im getting an error here, it worked once but after i turned it off it isnt working pls help

EDIT- it got solved by itself :rofl: lol

IT should show the reason for it when you click the red “error” thing.

If you have dash to dock extension, it seesm not to work with this one.


welcome to world of gnome . i sure it be worked on + hopeful next extension update fix the issue .

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If you turn an extension off, you need to reload (ALT+F2 then r to reload) or logout or reboot to turn the extension back on. Extensions are not meant to turn on & off in a session.

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Tested this extension on my machine and it works fine. No errors.

I don’t use dash to dock though, so if you have that extension it might clash with the “Blur my shell” one

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