Bluez 5.56 and all its extra not working with my ps3 controller

Just spent an hour trying to figure out why my bluetooth ps3 controller isnt working with my game on steam. While i was in game it stopped working. Then it refused to pair properly. Spent booku times resetting them. Went into calculate linux and they paired fine. Difference was caclualte uses bluez 5.55. Easy way to tell for me was under 5.56 bluez was showing my controllers as shanwan instead of sony and wouldn’t pair under 5.55 they were showing my controllers as sony and they would pair.

What would happen was after plugging them in i would click the popup that says always accept the when uplugged they would all 4 lights blink fast then all 4 lights would blink slow. What should have happened was once it paired i should have one solid light for the number of the controller paired 1,2,3, or 4.

Downgraded to 5.55 and all is well. Problem didnt occur straight away o 5.56 but it did occur. Just thought others might need to know.