Bluetooth/VM issue

Hi there,

I’m probably in the wrong place, but since I can’t wrap my head around this problem, maybe someone can help me here (please)…

I (stupidly) bought a xbox bluetooth gamepad, which is not working OOTB (disconnect/connect loop) even with xpadneo properly installed. So the workaround here is to install windows on a VM, pair the controller here and it should work (at least it does in Pop!_os, which I don’t like as much as Endeavour).
Unfortunately, bluetooth is not working in virtualbox (yes I’ve installed extra packages for host and guest, plus add my username to vboxusers group), it shows when typing lsusb, but no luck with virtualbox,bluetooth switched on or off, just the same.
Anyone have an idea? I’m using a Dell’s G5-5590 with linux-zen kernel, all packages up to date.
Thanks in advance!