Bluetooth not working in my setup

problem documented in reddit:

Update: after about 8 hours and an running of sudo pacman -Syyu followed by a reboot, bluetooth is working perfectly again.

What is the reason you are posting this? Are you asking for help for an issue with Bluetooth?

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First give some system infos. Reddit is the worst place for advice to my opinion…

It’s mostly guess work at this point but try that sudo systemctl enable --now bluetooth

Bluetooth works on eos but it needs to be enabled. :wink:

I’m attempting to connect my bluetooth headset to the system, but am unable to due to a problem that appeared in the system that had been previously working with bluetooth flawlessly.

This produced the same result. I have no idea why it’s doing this.

If anyone has can explain why this happened beyond the immediate “there was a problem with the update”, I’ll likely mark it as solution.

@endeavourosuser This would be a good idea. None of the users in this forum, as far as I am aware, are masters of divination and can tell what kind of hardware you are running just from reading your post. It really is bad form to ignore a request like this. It does not matter if you posted that information on a Reddit post, which it is not, it needs to be posted here.

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If you want to learn and expect help from other users please frame your problem here and also post system infos else it is impossible for anyone else than yourself to know what’s possibly going on your system.

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If the issue is resolved then please mark the post as such so it can be closed.