Bluetooth issues MacBook

Device: MacBook Pro 2015
Release: Endeavouros_Cassini_22_12

I have the following devices connected via Bluetooth:

  • Mouse (Logitech MX Master 3)
  • Keyboard (nuphy air 75)
  • Airpods Pro

The keyboard seems to work without problems and dropouts.

The mouse has regular issues and when so the problem occurs, the mouse connects/disconnects until I turn them on and off multiple times until it works again.

The AirPods are the worst, as soon as I plug them in I can only use them as a normal output device (microphone doesn’t work).

Then over a time of 2-3 min the connection gets worse and worse and you can hardly understand anything when you watch a video until the sound is completely gone.

After that all bluetooth devices start to lag, the mouse barely works or doesn’t work at all and the keyboard doesn’t work properly either.

Someone has an idea what the problem could be?

Short answer: No, I can’t directly solve your immediate question.

However, as an Endeavour user (fan) with installations on both a 2011 MacBookPro 13" and a 2019 iMac desktop, I can attest that Apple hardware can be very uncooperative with non-Apple operating environments (intentionally so).

I’ve found that of the many issues I’ve been able to resolve (and there can be quite a few) the answers are to be found over on the Arch Linux-related sites - they’re not unique to EOS. Sometimes the Manjaro forum will have some answers too simply because the user base is larger so there’s more traffic about Apple issues and solutions.

If you find a good solution, it would be helpful to others in the EOS community to post it in connection with this thread, too.

Spoiler alert:
It usually involves some “hidden” Apple drivers and/or systemctl-type directions.


You might want to take a look here:

And here:

Also, I collected some general infos and links regarding Linux on Macs here:

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