Bluetooth headset turnoff when joining Zoom/Slack meeting

I got a Edifier W800BT and everytime I join a Zoom/Slack meeting it turns off completly.

Is this a problem with my i3 configuration or the headset itself?

i would bet it does not matter what your Desktop is…
Mainly it would be related to Bluetooth // Pipewire // pulse alsa… stuff…
Let me check if it is a general issue…
Not general i have no issue using the browser app.
at least for zoom.
But if you are using Headset it can be connected in two different modes… one is
Headset Mode and the other A2DP (HIFI) Headphone Mode.
You can set this with pavucontrol
Because in HiFi Headphone Mode Mic is disabled, and in Headset Mode Mic is working…

You can also control input sources with pavucontrol:

Where you could set mic from Camera p.e. or. the one from your Headset…

Still not working :confused: