Bluetooth headset not getting audio after being idle for some time

After being idle for some time, the audio starts playing through my laptop’s speakers instead of headphones. I thought it might be disconnected but it is still paired.
I’m on the latest EndeavourOS update and running gnome.
I am using pipewire audio.
Please help me!!

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Try disabling the suspend node.

To disable suspend-node in wireplumber you can just set session.suspend-timeout-seconds in bluetooth.lua.d/50-bluez-config.lua to 0

You can copy the config from /usr/share/wireplumber into user-wide config location, ~/.config and and edit however you wish.


  1. cd ~/.config

  2. mkdir wireplumber

  3. mkdir wireplumber/bluetooth.lua.d

  4. cp /usr/share/wireplumber/bluetooth.lua.d/50-bluez-config.lua ~/.config/wireplumber/bluetooth.lua.d/50-bluez-config.lua

  5. In the newly copied file ~/.config/wireplumber/bluetooth.lua.d/50-bluez-config.lua, uncomment the line saying ["session.suspend-timeout-seconds"] = 5

  6. Change value 5 to 0

  7. Save the file

  8. Restart

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