Bluetooth devices not working properly

I don’t know if everybody is having issue with their bluetooth devices or just me, so I am not specifically asking for support but it would be great if someone gives any solution. Bluetooth is working perfectly but the features like play/pause from tapping the earbud or skipping any songs, those are not working for me. So is there any way to fix that?

Not sure if this the problem here, but there’s a plethora of Bluetooth versions and some devices may require a certain version for certain functionalities to work. So maybe although the basics (sound) work with e.g. Bluetooth 4.0 some functions (like controls) require a higher version?
As I said, not sure about this, just a thought.

If you are on kde, the pause thing only works for me if i have the media player widget on my panel. It’s stupid but it works

Does it depend on which media player you are using?

Most of them should be work