Bluetooth connection

Why is Bluetooth such a pain in Endeavour? I’ve bought a Logitech MX Keys Mini which connects immediately in Manjaro, but I’ve spent hours trying to get Endeavour to see it (although it sees my phone). Otherwise I like Endeavour very much, but I also like my Mini Keyboard so unless anyone can offer a solution Endeavour will have to go.

There is probably a package missing, check which packages are installed on both Manjaro and Endeavour that mention bluetooth. You might be missing the hidapi package on Endeavour.

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Bluetooth can be fin achy. It is best to go through the complete process to scan, pair, connect, trust etc with bluetoothctl in order to get it working. Hidapi should already be installed. You can check with pacman -Qi hidapi


Edit: In case you need to reset the keyboard.

Turn off and on the keyboard
Press the following key combinations - Esc+O (release) Esc+O (release) Esc+B All Easy Switch light will blink continuously
Turn off and on the keyboard

Easy Switch 1 will blink continuously indicating it is ready for pairing

bluetooth is not a pain in Endeavour its just not enabled by default. This to many of us is a security feature. did you start and enable the bluetooth service?