BLuetooth :can't send files to Android

I can connect my android phone and receive files for it but I can’t send file to the phone ; it’s well connected and active but the menu "send file " is not active ! What is the matter ?
is it possible to have a menu “send through bluethooth” directly in Thunar?
Note : Endeavour Artemis - XFCE4 - PC:dell 3910

First, I assume that even when using Bluetooth, the connection between the phone and computer still comes under the control of firewalld.

EndeavourOS now comes with firewalld enabled. When two devices can “talk” one direction, but not the opposite direction, it can commonly be the firewalld needs to be tweaked. The first step might be to eliminate the firewall as the problem.

In a terminal, type
sudo systemctl stop firewalld
to stop the firewall.

Next see if you can send files both directions. If you can, then the firewall needs to be tweaked, probably by opening a port.

If this does not fix the problem, then reboot or
sudo systemctl start firewalld


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Hello Pudge
even with firewall disable problem is not fixed

After research on the web and also in the forum, matter seems fixed by removing blueberry and replacing it by blueman which is dedicated to Xfce (it seems ).
I had a bad information about blueberry !
Blueberry do not include exchange files…

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