Bluetooth breaks when I connect mouse

Hello all,

so I currently have 2 devices connected to the notebook: an MX Keys and a Magic Trackpad.
Sometimes when I try to connect my MX Master 3 to the notebook the bluetooth process crashes.

This is what the bluetooth service gives me when I try to connect the mouse:

Dez 01 21:13:00 tealk-tuxedoaura15gen1 bluetoothd[9928]: profiles/input/hog-lib.c:set_report_cb() Error setting Report value: Unexpected error code

when i restart the service i can then very often connect the mouse after all

I am pretty sure it’s the same issue!

I just do not understand, it says only that an update has fixed the problem?

Nope, you need to follow these steps to fix:

then i don’t understand how to read reddit; am never on there

you just need to install svn (subversion, you will find it in the aur) and copypaste in the terminal the commands shown in the comment thread I just forwarded. Remember to add the key.

will pacman overwrite the package again when an update comes out?