Bluetooth acting strange since latest update. Bluez etc

Bluetooth is not showing that it is connected yet it is connected and working as excpected. Hmmm?

Last kernel update I had to remove and re-add my mouse. The UUID changed.

Bluez is KDE and plasma. It’s really remiscent of alt+230 soft what they’re dealing out. Ehm yeah. Maybe GTK it.

Edit: Blueman. it’s just GTK. If you install it you can run all types of call Linux software like GTK stress and your start menu will be on tp on you can just run it from a usb drive on any computer and…

Plasma well…I expect this forum to be flooded with “KDE Arch went haywire” posts. The EndeavourOS
ISO key testerhas the emoticons for hese things it’s like a rotating horizontal black line every 2 millimeters and there’s colours in between the the 5 to 6 followinf squared. even some eyes underneath. Totally getting it.

Peace bro.

Edit: keytester iso dev man, can I ask you some things? +32456552417. I’m in the dark on many things and you I think is very smart.