Blue Yeti only detects input after reconnecting cable

Hello. I just recently installed endeavouros (kde edition) on my computer. My Blue Yeti microphone does not detect sound, unless i unplug and replug the cable. The blue yeti is listed as connected, but it dosent receive any mic input. I have all defaults set correctly in pavucontrol. This happens after every reboot, and it is very annoying. Any help is appreciated!

Edit 1: Posted it in newbie channel, but didn’t get any answers, so here i posted it again.


Hello. Thanks for the reply. I did notice that the one post related to my issue (the second one) did not explain how to solve the problem. Do you know how to solve this problem? The only thing the post mentioned as a solution, was to switch usb ports. I dont know how that can possibly solve this problem, because the blue yeti works just fine on windows.

The first link I shared describes the specific issue in which one had to re-plug the mic in order to make it working. That might help you I think :thinking:

Also I want to share with you the fact that Blue Yeti mic has similar problems on many other Linux distributions. Therefore, someone who is more knowledgeable than me can might help you, though I try to find something related to this.

The first link you sent me was very similar, but not quite my problem. In that link, the person described that the microphone did not pop up in pavucontrol or idea. Mine pops up in pavucontrol, but the input slider to check if it is registering input, is not moving, until i reconnect the cable.