Blue Light Package?

I just installed EOS a couple days back and was wondering if there is any app or package that filters the blue light of the screen such as windows does by default. My eyes are really tired as I work 10+ hours a day and the blue filter comes in very handy.
Ps: great OS so far, never exceeded 2gigs of ram usage. congrats to the devs

The following article might give you some ideas:

Hope this helps!


Depends on the DE. KDE and GNOME have one built in. For everything else, see Pebcak’s reference to Redshift.



If you are on KDE it has an active night color and night color temparature setting.

I use redshift on Cinnamon. And whatever is native on KDE. F.Lux was around for years, although I don’t know if they still exist anymore.

hi pebcak, thanks for the article, though i still can’t get neither the command-line version nor the gtk one to work on my pc. The cmdline ver i get to install it, though it never opens when i click it at start. And the gtk version doesn’t even install. And to those wandering im using LXQT at the moment because my pc is 10 yo now. anyways ill keep trying.thnx for the help guys!!

Update: just learnt that i have to set it from the terminal since it doesnt seem to have an ui, managed to make it work and now my eyes are grateful hahaha. thanks to all for caring, such a great community!

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Hi Imendezayl,

Try redshift-qt instead:

yay redshift-qt

I use ‘sct’

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I went into pamac-aur-git and found Redshift (redshift) in the Official Repositories (community).

I installed it.

However, it will not work on my computer because I have location services disabled (and I intend to keep it that way!).

So, goodbye Redshift. I have uninstalled it.

It really doesn’t matter to me anyway as I generally use my computer(s) only during the day, never (or only very rarely) during the evening hours.

In any case, I have never had any problem in sleeping.


That’s premature. You can set the location manually via its configuration file,


If you dont want any additional settings only a BL filter you can use sct. You use it with simply typing command say:sct 4500
To get 4500K color or u can type any temperature color u want. When u want to revert just type sct in terminal again. You can find it in AUR i believe.


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