Blank screen post systemd boot

I just flashed a USB drive with Endeavor OS Cassini, latest as of Sept 12 2023. Upon selecting the initial boot list option to the standard live session, I’m on Intel only hardware, it goes to a blank screen, black, not even a flashing cursor. I’ve tried multiple times, flashed the image with multiple burn programs, all recommended in the installation page.

In case this was a fluke as the device I’m on is a 2011 MacBook Pro that was disassembled for the last two, I flashed Fedora 38 and LMDE5 on the same thumb drive and both worked and installed flawlessly.

that’s an untested automated rebuild… i was pull a rebuild yesterday but was not able to test it at all for now.

to compare you would need to use the actual tested release ISO:

That’s the one I used.