Blackscreen after lockup workstation

Hi everyone,

I have installed recently endeavour os and everything seems to be working finely. I’m facing some issue though… Everytime I lock my workstation and I try to unlock it in it returns this blacksreen

Thanks in advance. Any response regarding this matter would be of worth while.

This looks like a laptop. I assume you have installed Xfce? Does it do this when you close the lid and then come back and open. Can you lock it unlock it right after? Or does it sit locked for a while and then you come back and try to unlock and is the lid closed? There is a setting for the closing the laptop lid in settings somewhere. It could be that maybe. Also check sleep and suspend. You may have to try these settings and experiment.

[Ctrl+Alt+F2] and then [Ctrl+Alt+F7]

I learn something new. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes. Not so long though. Only a couple of minutes and when I try to log back in it returns this message.

This is not a consistent solution though. But I can try it later.

I’ve been thinking, maybe it’s something regarding the extended partition scheme I’m using - currently it’s booting along with Windows.

That’s the default DE that comes within the distro right after the installation. Personally, I was looking for a Openbox or lxqt DE. Maybe in some new future releases.

What extended partition scheme? Did you try what @joekamprad suggested. Maybe you can post a screenshot of your partioning scheme using gparted.

Extended partitions are not an issue for linux at all… you could have created /home on a samba share on a remote server and bind it to the system without an issue :wink:

As you say “lock my workstation” it will be about the used locker command/backend in use.
What ISO do you use for install? As we have had an issue with locker (light-locker) before…
to see this try the keystrokes i give you before (switching to TTY2 and back to TTY7, where TTY7 is where X is running and the Login Manager, TTY2 is one of the virtual Terminals where you can log in textbased to the system)

What says:
pacman -Qs light-locker

Also a journal from the timespace where you lock the system would be helpfull:
something like:

journalctl --since "10 minutes ago"

will give the journaloutput from last 10 minutes before, you can autopastebin this and provide the link to the log like this:

journalctl --since "10 minutes ago" | curl -F 'f:1=<-'
it will give you a short url after command is running.

Thanks! Soo I’ll post the logs then.

This one endeavouros-2019.09.15-x86_64.iso

local/light-locker 1.8.0-2
A simple session locker for LightDM

(I’ve have installed it in TTY2)

also, the logs. Sorry I wasn’t sure about the timestamp so I’ve taken a 60 minutes window - in which I’m certain the issue will be there, lol. (journalctl --since “60 minutes ago”)

Sorry for delaying my response, anyways.

I have new logs. Now after installing light locker and returning to log in I simply can’t input any text whatsoever.

out 08 00:53:43 rafaelfurt-pc systemd[2925]: PAM failed: User account has expired

What is this?

seems there is a BUG currently with it… but

PAM = Pluggable Authentication Modules

but the command: pacman -Qs light-locker shows if the named package is installed or not on your system.
We do not use light-locker as it is not working properly, so better uninstall it.
sudo pacman -R light-locker
And may it helps to switch to tty2 and then back to tty7 to get the lock screen shown up again.
[ Ctrl+Alt+F2 ] and then [ Ctrl+Alt+F7 ]

If not show your related config:

cat ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml
to pastebin it and give url to the pastebin:

cat ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml | curl -F 'f:1=<-'

and as user has here may reinstalling lightdm can help also:

sudo pacman -S lightdm
And do not forget to run updates for the system: sudo pacman -Syu

Problem solved.


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