Black Screen with Cursor instead of login menu

I updated my system this morning and didn‘t restarted. Then my system froze and I had to turn it off via the power button. After restarting my system everything is fine, but instead of the Log-in menu a black screen with the moveable cursor on it is displayed.

It seems that the computer switched off during installation of the updates, which led to an unbootable system.
Perhaps you can take a look at this thread:

If you get lost in the thread, don’t hesitate to ask here again & let us know what steps you followed. :slight_smile:

Hey Bryan,

thanks for the fast reply.

The updates were installed just fine and the update process was finished.

I managed to log-in non-graphically via CTRL-ALT-F2. Neither startplasma-x11 nor startplasma-wayland worked due to a too short file. I can’t remeber the filename, but there was qt5 in it. Then I restored my system from a timeshift backup form 9:00 this morning and everything is fine.

Maybe it has something to do with the update of the qt5-base or the qt5-wayland packages.

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Did you update again after the timeshift restore? I’m also running Plasma on Wayland and I didn’t have any issue with the latest Plasma update.

No I didn’t because I am afraid to get this error again.

Well, when you have the time to dive in again, read time to switch to a Timeshift backup, try it again. This freezing of your system, kernel panic?!?, could’ve been the culprit instead of the update.
I did the update on two different machines and both are still happily running.

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I also did both updates a day or so apart that were mostly kde updates and had no issues either.

I had some time to do a backup and update my system. I did the recommended reboot imediately after the update had finished and the error did not occur.

So I think that it has something to do with the freezing of my system, as you mentioned.

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