Black screen on laptop boot unless using nomodeset

I just installed endeavor on my lenovo laptop. I have an RTX 4060 Mobile and a Ryzen 7840HS, with an integrated 780M gpu. I had to use nomodeset when I installed endeavour and now I can’t boot into the system unless I use nomodeset or I get a black screen while it boots. When I use the lts kernel I reach the login screen and it then turns black. I am using KDE Plasma. I really need some help with this.
Also I am dual booting this with Windows 11 and am using systemd boot manager.

Stuck with the same thing on the same laptop, the screen comes on if I resume it from sleep, Sometimes blindly typing in the password and logging in works, I would surely like if there is a permanent solution!

Did you find something ?

Edit I found the fix, it was to do with the igpu it was not setting the proper resolution there is a thread on arch forum about all this I will attach the link if i find it

My laptop boots normally when i set this at boot


I’ve install Endeavour on an Apple Macbook Pro and have the same problem. When I boot, I get a two line menu with the second one ends in “fallback”. When the menu comes up, on the top menu item, I type “e” and you can edit the instructions. I have to add “nomodeset” after “rw” in the line. Then I hit ENTER and it boots into Plasma. I would like to know where I can add the “nomodeset” to the default boot menu so that when I get a new Kernel, it would have the nomodeset in it. I also use the systemd boot and don’t have grub.

You can add it to /etc/kernel/cmdline and then sudo reinstall-kernels
I’m just not sure if this will work on Mac but worth a try.

Yes, this worked, TNX! And thanks for the link to systemd-boot on the discovery website!