Black screen of doom after reboot. Failed to mount /sysroot

While browsing with the Brave browser the entire system froze. ctl-F1 did nothing. Only choice was to manual power down and reboot. Reboots to the black screen of doom.

Error message… [FAILED] Failed to mount /sysroot (as below)

Boot live usb. and Endeavouros

Lenovo ideapad 3IML05
x11 graphics
latest kde version 5
latest kernal
Installed with Galileo usb couple of weeks ago. BTRFS automatic.

Fired up live Galileo usb. Dolphin will not access device Get the following message in red box:
“An error occurred while accessing ‘endeavouros’, the system responded:Error mounting /dev/nvme0n1o2 at /run/media/liveuser/endeavouros: can’t read superblockon /dev/nvme0n1p2”

I’ve seen the back screen a few times. Before I would google around and try a few things and bite the bullet and just reinstall.

It’s getting frustrating and it seems the black screen appears more frequently.

Have been using Endeavour a couple of years. Always just cut my loses and reinstalled. Curious if this is standard procedure?

Is this a systemd issue, should I try grub on the reinstall?

Tried timeshift and snapper with the same results. I keep looking for a magic key to these.

For now the main question…accept defeat and reinstall .or. Is their a way to bring it back to life with some “hocus pocus magic potion”

I won’t be of much more help but instead of doing that have a read of this


A black screen can be caused by a lot of different things. Some are easily fixable and others are not. If it happens in the future, I would post here before giving up.

That looks like a corrupt filesystem. You can try to repair it but if the repair fails there isn’t much you can do.

No, this is unrelated to the bootloader.

It won’t help you right now but here is my advice on running a stress free EOS.


Great tip. Thanks for the info.

Has it ever saved your butt?

A couple of times, not for a while now but it’s one of the first things I setup on a new install just in case

Yeah, this looks like bad luck: filesystem corruption due to improperly shutting down the computer. This is one of the very few cases where reformatting the drive and reinstalling the OS is probably the best solution.

Regarding black screens, those can be troubleshooted, but not in parallel with filesystem corruption.

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