Black screen, can't boot into the bios menu

Hey everyone,

So, I’ve run into this situation where my last 2 laptops just crashed and all I get is a black screen. It’s a real head-scratcher for me.

I’m hoping to get to the bottom of this and wondering if any of you have any thoughts on how I might bring them back to life.

The most recent casualty is my Dell XPS. I’ve followed all the steps Dell recommends, like doing a hardcore reset by unplugging the battery. But guess what? No dice.

Funny thing is, both these crashed laptops had the same issue - their chargers were pretty wonky. You know, like sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t because some wires inside are playing hooky.

This little glitch meant my laptops got shut down due to low battery, which I suspect might have done a number on my BIOS software. Yeah, that thing that makes everything tick.

Now, flashing the BIOS chip, well, that’s no small feat. It’s like this major operation where you might need to whip out the soldering iron. And to top it off, on my Dell XPS, there’s not just one, but like 4 or 5 chips with BIOS software. You gotta play the “Flash the Right Chip” game, where you try one, cross your fingers, and if it’s still a no-go, move on to the next.

So, before I dive into this BIOS adventure, I’m wondering if any of you savvy folks out there have some alternative tricks up your sleeves. Like, any other methods I should explore? Or maybe an easier way to get these BIOS chips flashed? Let me know!

Did you unplug the battery and hold down the power button for more than 30 seconds. Then plug the battery back in and into power. Then start the computer and try to enter the bios setup screen.

Yes, I have done that several times. It’s still a black screen.

Are you able to remove the cmos battery?

I have taken it almost completely apart and could not find a cmos battery anywhere. The service manual also does not show any cmos battery.

Please, describe what have you tried already from the user manual (System setup p.38), so we don’t repeat it.

There are several options before starting soldering.

Looks like it doesn’t have a separate CMOS battery so disconnecting the main battery and holding down the power button is correct.

Edit: There is a way to clear the CMOS but you’ll have to get instructions from Dell if this isn’t working according to the manual.

Ok, I’ll try.

But do you think dell has a different method to clear cmos than the one they describe in the manual?

Maybe download and try a Windows bootable usb disc such as Hirens boot or some other.