Black screen at login screen and can't tty

Hello. For some reason I have a black screen at login (on XFCE) and can’t tty to fix it. Everything appears fine until the login screen, and choosing a different kernel doesn’t help.

How do I use a live USB to Timeshift back to a working version (or update to see if that fixes it)?


Oh, this is a great solution - you’ll love it!

So I could see everything up until the login screen: I could see the opening boot-up to BIOS, I could pick a kernel, and then the screen would go blank. When I tried to boot into a live EOS USB, similarly I got everything before the main welcome screen. I had an old EOS install on an HDD, and the same thing happened. The only thing that would work fully was another old HDD with Windows on it!

So what was the solution? My monitor cable was fractionally loose! So for some reason the monitor could receive everything but the EOS login screen, and could receive everything on Windows normally. I didn’t know this was possible!

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