Black Screen after windows scaling command

Hey there,

Im very new to endeavour and I messed up today.

I wanted to increase the size of my terminal font. So I just searched it up. Some how I ended up on the arch wiki for window scaling and I saw this command below and put it in (first mistake.)

$ xfconf-query -c xsettings -p /Gdk/WindowScalingFactor -s 2

My whole environment was scaled up by two. Obviously I didn’t what that so I got an idea and ran the same command with a " - " infront of the two lol. I usually try to run commands only after I get an idea of what its doing but I messed up this time.

My screen instantly turned black. I can access the terminal after pressing ctrl+alt+F2 and I still get the login screen after I restart. But after I login in a blank screen again, unless I go to the terminal.

Would appreciate any help.

Try running the same command with a factor of 1 maybe from the TTY screen. Then switch back to GUI and see if it’s corrected.

… and change the terminal font settings in the terminal settings.

I got it to work lol. Just rebooted and everything was normal but scaled. Then I went to settings and scaled it back. Thanks guys

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