Black screen after login cant access TTY - Fresh Install

Hello all.

Decided I’d fresh install EOS for no reason whats so ever. Just wanted to, start fresh. I’m pretty sure it’s a Display Port problem but can’t test it out as since last time installing I’ve switched to a monitor with only DP.

Running a 3070ti and pretty sure the problem comes from that / DP. Last time I installed EOS I just switched to HDMI and installed the newest Nvidia driver. Then rebooted and never ran into the problem again with the new DP monitor after the update.

I can get to the login page and login before Gnome wont load / black screen. The strange thing is I cant even switch to a terminal at the login screen / after the login screen. Using Control + Alt + F2 tried switching back with Control + Alt + F1 that didn’t work only a hard reboot will take be back to login.

Anyway I basically bricked my computer. Would do Arch from scratch but I rewrote my USB with EOS. Would it be a good idea to reinstall EOS? Can I force the newest version of Nvidia drivers with the install?

Edit: I reinstalled EOS with no DE. Just installed Nvidia drivers and will try installing Gnome on top after I get back from some errands. Will do another update if all goes well. I’ll probably force using xorg and not wayland.

Just a little info just in case. Display port requires link training to initialize. There needs to be cross talk between the monitor and the driver. If the monitor happens to be off the conversion can’t happen and the link won’t be established so the screen will remain black. The driver has no way of knowing if the monitor is on or off. So unplugging the monitor and plug back in after turning it on would be an option.

This may not be your issue but just letting you know some display port can be finicky. It also sometimes matters what DP version it is and what the version and also quality of the cables are if they are certified or not to meet those specs. This becomes more apparent with monitors that have higher refresh rates.

This was something I tried before posting should of mentioned that. I turned the monitor off while I put in the password then turned it on and tried just unplugging it then replugging.

Not the DP cable as it was working fine earlier today just before the reinstall. I’m out now but will try it again after installing gnome when I’m home :). Thank you for the tips!

So for what ever reason Nvidia really doesn’t like working the first launch into gnome with a DP port. I used a adapter and it worked fine. Set the monitor up as 1 and everything once in and now boots without issue.

When I learn more I’ll try doing a deeper dive.

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