Black Flickering Screen after using Web Browser

Hey. So Im using a Thinkpad T430s laptop. Have been using Endevour OS for over a year no issues. At some point this issue started to happen where randomly, after using Firefox (also happens with Chromium) after a while, or sometimes just as I start browsing, its like my screen starts to flicker super fast and will only stop If I close the browser. If for whatever reason I dont close the browser in the following 2-3 seconds the screen goes into a flickering black and completely freezes the system. Everything hardware seems ok, and it ONLY happens with browsers, I can use my laptop for hours on text editor or other applications.

I’m assuming the system is updated. Have you tried a third browser? You don’t have the start page set for some place like Youtube do you? This may not be a video problem. can you post logs for us with the eos-log-tool.

Your T430s would not happen to have a Nvidia DGPU?

Super interesting. What is your grahic card? Did you enable hardware acceleration in both Firefox and Chromium? Do you game?

Also, does it have anything with what you see in your browser? Like videos vs pictures / text?

I can try a different browser yeah

I do have a start up page set, not youtube though, will undo that too

Thing is, once the flickering starts, its pretty much impossible to use the system, do you need logs during or before the bug?

Share what is your Desktop Environment

its XFCE

Then look here:
cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log

We need also graphic card information:
inxi -G

And your kernel:
uname -r