BIOS Not Working After Dual Boot?

Hey everyone,

I tried setting up a dual-boot with Ubuntu on my laptop, but now I’m having some serious trouble. My BIOS won’t open, the boot menu isn’t working, and it seems like my Windows 10 installation got wiped out in the process!

I’ve tried a bunch of fixes I found online, but nothing seems to be working for my specific laptop. I followed a guide on Website to fix this isseu, but I’m still stuck. and this website recommended this forum to me.

After starting the laptop, it showing the below screen and stared ubuntu…

Could anyone here offer some guidance? I’m really hoping to get this sorted out.

Are the BIOS up to date?

How are you trying to boot (Legacy or UEFI)

Can you boot in to a live usb?

Unless you can be specific this tell us nothing.

Which is?

what is the state of secure boot / windows fast boot are those disabled? (while i believe ubuntu supports Secure boot ???)

This is EndeavourOS Linux an Arch based Linux system. Ubuntu is based on Debian so why are you asking here for your problem with ubuntu? I mean they are completely different Linux systems. Of course we will help as much as we can however I think you may find better results with ubuntu?

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Sir, I am a total beginner, so I am not able to understand anything, my laptop was hanging due to the bus window, that is just why I trying Linux’s Ubuntu because I had seen in the video that Linux uses less resources and runs fast. But now this problem has happened with my laptop.

So can you tell me whether this laptop will be fixed by some trick or I will have to go to service center…

I was just trying to install Ubuntu from a tutorial on YouTube.


Welcome to enos’ community!

Just out of the curiosity, did you follow a guide from your own website? And it is not working?


Oh no, it is nothing like that, I just opened an account in the name of this website in a hurry because I had to solve my problem somehow and I was in a hurry too.

Oh, the plot thickens!

… a couple of minutes later:




So help me understand here. You saw a video and without any other research decided to install Ubuntu?

Can you tell us

  1. What is the computer (CPU, GPU, Memory, swap, audio and etc…)
  2. How did you try to install ubuntu? (exact steps may help some of our experienced users in buntu to understand the issue)
  3. are you able to get into the bios using one of the function keys or a key combination?
  4. can you boot into a live usb?

its My real Name bro.

Dear Sachin Y(adav) / Nutan J,

I second @thefrog:

I would think you may get much more relevant assistance on an Ubuntu specific forum.

The enos’ installer is altogether a different beast than Ubuntu’s (ubiquity ?) so I am sure they are much more suited to help you out with this.


can u give me the link to ubuntu forum…

Pick the first result

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thanks a lot