BIOS fan control with hysteresis and external temp probe

Hi, I’m about to upgrade my system with a Ryzen 5900X and looking for a new motherboard. System will be air-cooled and I like to have both CPU and case fans controlled by the BIOS. I’m looking for advice on which manufacturer has the best fan controls, providing the following:

  • Flexible fan curves

  • Hysteresis to prevent rapid spin up/down of the CPU fans when the CPU spikes in temp (as I believe is the case for Ryzen)

  • Possible to attach an exteral temp probe (themistor) to monitor the case temp and adjust the case fans accordingly with separate fan curves.

Any recommendation on a manufacturer providing all these features? I’m looking at ASUS / MSI / ASRock / Gigabyte etc (B550 or X570) and open for suggestions. Not planning to to any extreme overclocking.

Maybe MSI could be a good choice, here is an article about ASUS vs MSI:

But, as far as I can see, MSI does not provide the external temp probe (ASUS does)… :thinking: